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(I work in a grocery store, very high end. I’m a 23 year old female, with a somewhat frail frame. At the time, I was wearing a loose-fitting shirt and skinny jeans, which fit into my dress code, in addition to my apron. The customer is a man in his forties or fifties attempting to purchase his items with a gift card that has some kind of problem out of my control. Note: since the start, he kept giggling and muttering awkwardly, and I caught him staring a few times.)

Me: Ok, it seems your gift card took fifty off, so your total is (remainder).

Customer: What? No, that’s wrong. I had one hundred on this card, I know it!

Me: No, the balance is showing as zero. *I show him the receipt that proves it*

Customer: No, that’s wrong! S**t! What did you do? Women, seriously?

*By this point, my manager makes her way over*

Manager: What’s the problem, (My name)?

Customer: This girl won’t properly run my gift card through! I know d**n sure there is one hundred on it! Do it right this time!

Manager: No, it looks like your card really is empty. The only thing I can to is suggest you call the help line on the gift card itself.

Customer: You f**king do it!

Manager: I can’t do that, sir.

Customer: Then make her! *pointing at me*

Manager: She can’t, either. Only you can. I suggest you call and confirm you really put one hundred on your card. You have three options: pay the rest, or I can void off the gift card completely, or you can leave.

Customer: Just void it off, then!

*she does so, and he pays with a credit card. I hand him his receipt.*

Customer: *to my manager* That jacket makes you look frumpy. Show off your a** more, stupid woman.

*she scoffs and walks away*

Me: *silence*

Customer: And you, *turning to me* you really should wear a different shirt, one that shows off your breasts more. Quit being such a prude. You know you like showing your body off!

Me: …..

Customer: Well f**k you! At least I’m a man! I can work a god***n computer! You should learn to please men more, slut!

*My manager returned a minute later*

Me, to manager: I’m so glad I’m lesbian.

Manager: If he was the last man on earth, I’d f**king shoot myself.

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