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(*There’s a large chain coffee shop a block from my home I practically live at and am good friends with all of the employees. This occurs during a slight back up from a busy night.*)

Customer: *has been watching and waves at my friend who is making the drinks* escuse me.

Friend: *comes over* yes, ma’am?

Customer: could you not add fresh milk to that?

Friend: Pardon?

Customer: Fresh milk. Could you not add fresh milk to that?

Friend: ma’am, it’s a milk-based drink.

Customer: No! No milk! Don’t add milk to that!

Friend: Ma’am, all of our drinks are made with milk.

Customer: I said don’t add milk!

Friend: *trying not to get lost* Milk isn’t added. It’s just made with.

Customer: No fresh milk!

Friend: Do you mean you want soy? Just be sure to remember that and tell the cashier next time.

Customer: Oh! Thanks! *walks off to her friends*

Mom: *dying of laughter as he makes her drink next* hey, [friend]. Don’t add milk!

Friend: *chuckles exasperatedly* I’m not even sure how I reacted to that.