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There is a conference on volunteerism and engagement in town on a large college campus and my coworkers and I have volunteered to direct people to the ballroom as it is easy to get lost.

We arrive an hour before everyone else to help set up and prepare.
Then this exchange happens as we point people in the right direction:

Me: Good morning! Are you here for the summit?

Cheery, older gentleman: Yes! Do you happen to know how many people are in attendance?

Me: Well, there are nearly 30 volunteers, so we are expecting a big turnout!

Cheery, older gentleman: Oh great! That must mean a thousand or more people!

Me: Well, I’m not certain, let me know if you find out!

About 30 minutes pass, and the gentleman returns and starts yelling at another volunteer about 100 meters away, I can see from his body language he is furious.

I briskly walk over to figure out what is going on, and he turns towards me.

Older, now screaming, gentleman: You! You told me there were 30 volunteers!

Me: Yes…?

Older, now screaming, gentleman: The ballroom is only set up for 500 people! Maybe only 300 will show up!

Me: I’m…sorry?

Older, now screaming, gentleman: Well, I am leaving!

I could maybe understand if he was a presenter or panelist, but he was just here to attend the conference! If you pay the fee of $90 and then leave because there are too few people, I really don’t understand your logic! We still had two days of amazing programming.