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*Had some old lady come into my store first thing this morning wearing a “Make America Great Again” shirt and she proceeds to yell before i could greet her*
“I need something done about my Obama phone! I got it for my daughter and they increased the price of my home phone by $16! They can’t do that! This thing’s supposed to be free! I didn’t agree to this s***!”
I almost had a stroke from everything wrong with that statement.
I replied, “Ma’am, we’re a repair shop. We don’t have anything to do with that program. Its called *name of program* if want to contact the people in charge.”
“Well can’t you call them for me?”
“No ma’am. I don’t have that information.”
“Well can you give me the number?”
“I just said I don’t have that information.”
“This is a phone shop and you can’t help me at all?”
“Not unless you broke your Obama phone or are looking to buy a phone yourself.”
She scoffed disgustedly and stormed out.
Yep….. its gonna be a long four years people. Good luck.