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(This interaction occurs so many times that I have lost count – there is no specific customer because there have been so many, and they are all the same)

Customer: *calls to complain about product*

Me: Thank you for letting us know, please may we have the Best Before date and Manufacturing date, so we may record it to monitor if there are any similar complaints regarding this specific batch

Customer: *gives me the barcode number*

Me: thank you, but that is the barcode number – we require the details that has MAN: or BB: in front of it.

Customer: *insists they gave me the right details and that I am not paying attention*

Me: I apologize for any confusion but the details we require are in Date format, on a completely different section of the bag, in a different color text than the regular text on the bag

Customer: *Sends a photo of the barcode*

Me: *slowly and repeatedly hit my head on my desk*

(this happens anywhere from 3-5 times a day, every… single… day)