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(I’m cleaning the aisles when I get a call from my boss to check on a guy acting suspiciously. He’s a tall man, probably in his mid thirties, dressing with a long trenchcoat, and he seems to be checking the sweetener. As soon as I approach him, the guy starts running towards the door. A coworker and I catch up to him and stop him before he gets too far)

Me: Sir, whatever you got, you have to give it back now.

Man: *looking everywhere nervously* You don’t understand, I need it.

Me: Well, if you need it you’ll have to pay for it.

Man: I can’t, they won’t let me!

Me: They? Who are they?

Man: *takes out three different sweeteners from the coat and gives them to me* You don’t understand. You just don’t understand.

And then he just walked away, leaving me and my companion completely dumbfounded.