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I worked at a take n bake pizza place in high school. We had no oven, stove, or even a microwave.

Me: Thank you for calling (pizza place). How can I help you today?

Caller:you fucked up my pizza! This happens every time I order from you! I want to speak to your manager!

Me: I’m sorry this happened, ma’am. I’m the shift supervisor on duty tonight. Can you please tell me the problem with you order and I will do whatever I can to fix this for you.

Caller: Whatever, this happens every time. You’re not going to do a damn thing.

Me: there are a few things I may be able to do tonight but if I can’t fix this situation for you, my manager may be able to do more tomorrow. Could you please tell me the problem and we’ll go from there?

Caller: ugh, fine. The bottom of my pizza is black! It’s burned to a fucking crisp! I want a new pizza delivered right now!

Me: … Did you by chance order from (similarly named pizza place)? This is (pizza place) we don’t bake the pizzas here, only take n bake.

Called: I’m not a fucking idiot! I know where I called! Don’t fucking lie to me!

Me: Ma’am, I’m not lying. We are a take n bake pizza chain. We only make the pizzas, not cook them. And we don’t deliver. But (other pizza place) does. Would you like their number? I have it here.

Caller: … Wait, this is (pizza place)? Why didn’t you say so?! *Click*

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