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I work at a US zoo that has manatees. A while back we were doing press coverage on several of our rehabilitation residents (manatees who are just there until they recover from illness/injury). Because we don’t want endless amounts of the public walking in and out of the shot some employees, including myself, are forming a barrier and guiding people around the press shoot. There are several manatees in this rehab pool and it is very easy to see at least 2 of them at all times while filming. I’m at the tail end of the human barricade and am guiding people around to a place they can see the manatees off camera view.

Woman: Why are you guys blocking the manatees?
Me: I’m very sorry ma’am, but the press doesn’t want people walking all over the shot. You can still see three manatees down this way.
Woman: No I can’t, you people are blocking them!!
Me: You can still get a pretty good view of the ones being filmed if you look from a bit further down. And there are several other manatees down that way to that you can right up close to.
Woman: No!! You are blocking them!!!! Why would you even HAVE this building OPEN if you’re going to BLOCK THE ANIMALS???”
Me: I’m really sorry ma’am, but there ARE several more manatees further down that you can see. There’s no press down there so you can get as close as the pool allows (which is pretty much nose to nose). Besides, if we closed this building then no-one would get to see the manatees, and I think that might be worse.
Woman: Well not when you are BLOCKING THEM ALL!!!!

I have NO IDEA how this woman thinks we were blocking all the manatees. MOST of the manatees were far away from the camera and she could have seen them very close up.