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(I work at a gas station where we scan everything for inventory. So, if an item has different flavors, we have to ring up each flavor.)

Customer: (setting a load of items on counter) This isn’t all. I have more.

(Customer continues to browse the store adding more to the pile.Finally, she finishes.)

Me: (Noticing that one of her Gatorades is missing it’s label) I’m sorry. Do you mind getting one with the label on it?

Customer: Umm, you can do it! I don’t work here! (Giving me the death stare.)

Me: Okay.

(I go to the coolers that were merely steps behind her and find that she left the label for that Gatorade just sitting there in the slot)

Customer: Why couldn’t you just scan one of the other Gatorades?

(I explain to her about our inventory procedure and she grabs her stuff and storms out.)