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, | Unfiltered | July 12, 2020

I work in an organic store, where you can buy herbs in bulk, without any packaging. At the register we fill it into the jars, the costumers brought with them.

So this costumer comes to me and tells me, he wants to have 50g of parsley.

I put some spoons in his jar, then start to weigh it, to see, if I put the right amount in it.
It says exactly 50g as he wanted. He suddenly becomes really happy and applauds me for putting the right amount in it, the first try:
“You see, back in the old days I worked for a drug cartel. My job was to weigh the cocain. After some time I was able to exactly estimate the weigh of the drugs in their bags. You should get a job there too, you’re really talented. You could have a bright future!”