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(I work for a certain second largest retailer as a bagger. I’ve been working there nearly a year and I’ve never encountered an unruly or pissy customer, even during the very busy hours. Most customers who “get mad” because of glitches in the system or other problems, they politely say that they will probably have to stop shopping with us. No cussing anyone out or anything. That all changed a few months ago. I think it was in May. I was out clearing the lot when I saw a guy rummaging through one of the trash cans out front. The following interaction happened.)

Me: Sir, are you looking for anything in particular?(meant as a joke)

Man: Yeah, man! I just dropped my wedding ring in here! That thing cost me $700!

Me: Is there anything I can do to help?

Man: Yeah, could you find me some gloves?

Me: Sure. Let me just run this row of carts in real quick and I’ll run over to the deli and get you some.

Man: Thanks, man!

(I push the 7 or 8 carts in and head toward to deli. I grab some gloves and head towards where the guy was, so I could give him the gloves when I see him walking my way, obviously not too happy)

Me: Sir, here’s your gloves-

Man: You’re a fucking douche bag, you know that?

(At that point I was completely stunned. I had never had someone call me a “fucking douchebag” before, and I had no idea how to respond, so I just didn’t. After he calls me this, he walks off a little bit and pulls out his phone, and makes a call to who I can only assume was his wife, and proceeds to apologize for loosing his ring. A cashier overheard the interaction and came over.)

Cashier: Whoa, what just happened over here?

Me: That guy over there called me a fucking douchebag.

Cashier: *jokingly* What’d you do to him?

Me: Tried to help him.

Cashier: You should really tell someone about that.

Me: Yeah.

(The cashier ended up telling a manager. I don’t know what happened with the guy, but I hope his marriage fell apart.)