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I work at a hotel in Reno, Nevada as graveyard shift. Living in a state were gambling and prostitution is legal with the proper qualifications, is not to weird that I get girls or guys coming in to the hotel for 10-20 minutes and leave just like that. Also, people think is okay to party and do what ever they want since is Nevada. One night as I was finishing up my daily chores, there was a man by the lobby wondering around.
guest: hi (with a smile)
me: can I help you?
guest: hum… I’m waiting for a friend, but I need to go outside to my car and get something. If my friend gets here, can you just tell her that I’ll be back.
me: sure, I let your friend know that.
(I keep doing what I have to finish for that night when I get a phone call from the front door (since we keep doors locked during night) so I answer)
me: front desk, can I help you?
girl: yeah the doors are locked?…
me: I’ll be there
( I open the doors thinking she was looking for a room or trying to check in. As she was walking in, I notice her tiny bright yellow dress with a leather jacket and nice platinum hair, really high heels and a purse.. she really look like what I think she was there for)
me: Hello, checking in? (with a smile)
girl: where is the elevator?
me: just down ahead, I believe you’re here to meet your friend? he said he was going outside and—-
(guy walks in the lobby)
me: Oh there he is!
girl: Oh no, I don’t know who he is..
me: (embarrassed since I assumed it was the friend he was waiting for) Oh I’m sorry.
(guy walks towards the elevator and smiles at her with a loud voice)
guest: Hey! I was waiting for you, lets go to my room.
(girl looks at me with a red face and knowing what I already knew and gets in the elevator, not even 10 minutes later, the girl comes down and I was sitting in the back office checking the cameras just in case I see something suspicious. I see the same girl walking out, putting her purse on top of a cabinet just outside the elevator and looking at her self on the mirror fixing her hair. At first I didn’t notice anything weird about it. She then takes another bag out of her purse and grabs a decor plant that was on top of the cabinet and starts shoving it in the other bag. I walk to the elevator while she was facing the other way, I look over her purse that was still on the cabinet.
me: You need to put that back
girl: What?
me: You need to put it back and leave the property right now,
girl: fine! (throws the decoration at my hands) you f****ing f****t. My boyfriend is out side and I’m going to tell him to beat your ass!!!
me: okay fine! get out or I’m calling the cops!
girl: Go a head! I’ll tell them you went through my purse and ill accuse you of sexual harassment!
me: I’m calling the cops…
girl: I’ll tell them you touch my boobs!!
me: I’ll tell them you’re prostituting your self and you where in room 000…. so… get out!
(the girls goes off on how shes gonna tell the cops that I touched her and that her boyfriend will come in and beat me up, she walk pass the first door and stops on the second one, turns around to try to come back in but doors wont open from outside so she almost hit her face. I start laughing, making a gesture to leave. she then walks out the street and gets on a red car where her “boyfriend” was waiting for her to finish what ever she was doing)