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I work in a rental store and handled a call from a customer inquiring about items she needed for an upcoming pig roast party she was having.

Me: Hi, thank you for calling ****Rentals. How may I help you?
Her: I need to rent a large bar-b-que for a pig roast.
Me: Great, we can help you with that.
Her: Also, do you rent spics?
Me: Mam?
Her: Spics! You know to turn the pig.
Me: (Trying very hard and failing not to giggle) let me check with the manager Mam, we may be out. (Calling out to my coworker without covering the phone) Do we have any spics left in stock?
Sorry Mam, we are out of spics, but maybe a roasting spit will work?
Her: (click)
The phone rings again shortly, I answer it as my coworker and I are gasping for air from laughing so hard. I answer it and it’s the woman’s husband, also laughing so hard he can hardly speak.