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Letters of complaint are sometimes printed and pinned on the bulletin board for the staff to read. The relevant bits are highlighted with a marker. One day there’s a letter full of complaints in a very mashed up form. Only half of the complaints are highlighted and even several members of management cadre have trouble taking the letter serious.

Letter: [Remarks about our thoughts between parentheses] “Dear Sir,
A few weeks ago I ate some bami in your restaurant. Afterwards I had some trouble with my intestines, the quality of the food aside. [Why would that mean anything about our food?] I was there at 9 PM. At that point, the restaurant was still open. But that didn’t stop the young workers [he apparently didn’t know the word ’employees’] from shouting at each other, while the floor was wet, and from throwing with their tools. [So shouting is okay, as long as the floor isn’t wet?]
Last week, I was at the restaurant again, this time with a foreign guest. He had pizza and a plate full of salad, and I had a chicken breast. He sayd [yes, he really misspelled the most easy word of the letter] the salad wasn’t fresh and didn’t like his pizza and left half of it untouched. [The salad is made fresh every day and it’s not our mistake that the man didn’t like the taste of his pizza, is it?]
When I went back into the buffet, I saw that a griddle was being cleaned with some sort of soap, while there was still meat on it. I really don’t think that’s a hygienic way to behave and therefore I want to make a complaint.”

[So apparently, it was all about the cleaning bit and all the other complaints were just there for fun?]