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(My dad owns a small business and I work there. My brother is the manager, and in the past he has told me not to talk politics to customers for the sake of the business, and he refrained from voicing a political opinion as well. However, a political event took place in the shop the night before. This happens when I answer the phone.)

Me: “[shop name].”

Customer: *in an official sounding tone* “Hi, I was just wondering why [shop] has political posters outside?”

(I don’t know about the posters or the event, and it sounds like this is an important person and I’m worried that he thinks we’ve broken a law).

Me: “Oh… we do?” *walks over to the window*

Customer: “Yeah I believe they were on the North side of the building?”

Me: “Oh, I see them. I’m surprised because the manager said he didn’t like to discuss politics. Maybe… If they’re there, someone else put them up.”

Customer: “Well, was there an event there last night?”

Me: *usually I would know if there was* “Not… that I know of.”

Customer: “Well I believe I heard there was one there last night. And I called earlier and the guy working [my co-worker] said that they must have just forgotten to take the signs down and that you would soon. But if they’re still up…”

Me: *tries to say something*

Customer: “Look, here’s the deal, the owner can put political signs all over the whole side of the building if he wants to. But I know a lot of people who enjoy going to [shop] and they don’t support those candidates. And I’ve received a lot of phone calls about those signs in just two days.”

Me: *getting angry since the signs aren’t against the law* “Okay, can I ask who this is?”

Customer: “At this point, it doesn’t matter who I am – ”

Me: *hangs up*

(He called back but I didn’t answer and my dad said it was alright later. Apparently he wasn’t anybody important and I doubt he received any calls about it. At any rate, I seriously doubt he was worried about our business.)