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(So I work at a large grocery store chain in Florida where we baggers are a necessary part. Every cahier will have a bagger if available. I was bagging one lane down form one of my coworker, who is also a bagger. By the way the bagger is elderly gentleman)

(He was bagging when suddenly)

Bagger: Oh crap! My hand is bleeding a lot!

(He has somehow slashed his hand opened completely coving the bottom of his hand in blood!)

Cashier: Dam, [Bagger] Are you alright. Sorry sir (referring to costumer) This will just be one. [Bagger] Are you alright.
Customer: You know I’m sick of how slow this place is. Your bagger can’t even bag, without ruining MY food!
(This customer continues to yell at the bagger, who is STIIL bleeding, and won’t leet him leave. Then the costumer runs to the costumer service counter (about 3ft away) cutting everyone and demands to speak to a manager! The Bagger runny off to stop the bleeding and the costumer service manger kicks the customer out of the store. This most definitely one of rudest costumer who didn’t even care that a man was beelding out. The bagger ended up being fine.)