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(I work at a popular food chain known for its ice cream, I’m working the drive thru at the moment.)

Me: “thank you for choosing *******, Can I take your order?”

Customer: “Yeah, I want a medium cookies and cream blizzard.”

Me: (as this happens quite often, I correct the customer) “alright so one medium Oreo blizzard, is that all?”

Customer: “no ma’am, I want a cookies and cream blizzard, not Oreo.”

Me: “Yes sir, like I said a medium Oreo blizzard…”

Customer: “I know what you said! And I told you I want a COOKIES AND CREAM BLIZZARD PLEASE.” (He yells the last part and over annunciates it.)

Me: “Yes sir…oreos are cookies and cream.”

Customer: “Well I want cookies and cream! NOT ANY DARN OREOS!”

Me: (no longer wanting to argue, as it has been a long day and obviously he is not listening.) “Alright sir, a medium cookies and cream blizzard. Please pull up to the window”

Customer: (huffing) “FINALLY!”

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