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My wife and I were redeeming a raincheck for 12-packs of soda at a great price, buy 2, get 3 free. After we put fifteen 12-packs in the cart (the number allowed by the raincheck), we were waved into the self-checkout line by a nice clerk, who then tried to complete the transaction, but couldn’t. He called the manager, who entered it in, and then left. The only problem was that instead of charging us around $40, the price was only $20, so we were undercharged by about $20. We asked the clerk if we could pay more, but he couldn’t help us. So we went to customer service to return the money, but they wouldn’t take it. Finally, after trying to explain it for about 15 minutes (with a line beginning to form) and being told that we couldn’t pay more, we just gave $20 to the charity that the store collected money for, in lieu of paying the store itself. Felt a little weird.