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I’m a waitress at a burger diner. we have never served coldslaw as a side to anything. About 3 years ago we did have one single promotional burger for about a month that did have coldslaw on it.
The following happens as I drop off food to a party of three.. one of which has fish and chips. (Fish,fries, lemon tartar sauce and vinegar are served with it.)
Me: here you go.. enjoy
Dude: where’s the coleslaw?
M: I’m sorry?
D: so what, this is all it comes with?
(Talking about his fish and chips)
D: huh. OK. well that’s odd it used to come with coldslaw.
M: no I’m sorry we’ve never served it with coldslaw.. I do have this malt vinegar for you though.. is that ok?
D: yea the vinegar is fine.. just wanted some coldslaw.. it used to come with it…
M: facepalm