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At a movie store, you have your regulars. And then, you have your regulars that are maybe a little cooky or just uncomfortable sometimes. There’s this one customer – mouth breather, constantly sick with bronchitis and is always sweaty. She’s nice enough, but sometimes says weird things. This was one of those times.

As she is leaving, she points out the dark brown stain that is on her shirt. Okay, no worries. Starts telling me how she spilled Dr. Pepper on it. Aw, shucks. I HATE when that happens.

Lady: “Hey, you know my boyfriend is black, right?”
Me: “Oh, yeah! Of course I do. You guys are regulars!”
Lady: “Next time you see him, tell him you saw the stain from breast feeding him.”

Wait. What.

I had a look of confusion and horror as she died laughing. Was she telling me of some weird fetish thing? I don’t understand.

Lady: “You know, because he’s black! The stain is brown because I was breast feeding him CHOCOLATE milk!”

I tried so hard to laugh along with her, but all I wanted to do was to shoo her out the door because she was screaming this information practically, and I didn’t want to make other customers uncomfortable. Weirdest conversation I have ever had.