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Just the other night when I was helping close our store and boxing our left over pastries for donation, this older man in a grey hoodie walks in. A family just left so he snuck in after they left. That’s how he got through the locked door. He comes up to the bakery display asking for half-priced pastries. I explained to him that we just closed and we do not have half-priced deals anyways. He said that he wanted pastries. I explained that we were closed and that I didn’t have a cash register open for me to sell him anything. He then proceed to say that I should just give him something then. I explain that my manager just did counts for the donation so they would know that I would be stealing from the company and I was not going to do that. He then proceeded to tell me that I looked sexy and foxy just standing right in front of him in my pretty glasses. I told him that we were closed and I could not help him out. He mumbled something about something he was thinking of doing (I could not understand what he was saying). I told him I could not help him out. He finally turned around and walked out the door telling everyone closing “goodnight”. My co-worker made sure the door was fully shut when he left.