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20 Stories Showing The Continued Fight For Equality – For International Women’s Day!

| Right | March 8, 2021

Dear readers,

Today is International Women’s Day! Celebrated since 1911, this is a day to honor the achievements of women throughout history and to renew our efforts to push even closer to equality.

Sure, women can vote and own property now, but the female sex is still frequently used as a casual insult, and there are still people who seem to think women are incapable of handling such complicated tasks as changing tires, moving heavy boxes, or selling video games.

We’ve certainly come a long way toward gender equality as a society, but as this roundup of 20 stories from our archives proves, we’ve got quite a distance still to go.


Welcome To The 1950s! – Care to explain why women aren’t suited to those professions? Hmmm?

A Clean Window Into Misogyny – Don’t misogynists usually expect women to do the cleaning?

Impracticality Straight Out Of The 1950s – Their IT workers must go through a lot of nylons.

Thinking Outside The Gender Toybox – You know, blue was a “girl color” until the 1940s.

Male Insecurities Manifested In Mocha – Imagine being so scared of being seen as feminine that you can’t even enjoy whipped cream.

The Misogyny Convention Is In Town! – Don’t worry, guys. The money probably already has girl cooties on it.

Lift Them Up From The 1950s – You know what’s really heavy? The weight of gender stereotypes.

Hasn’t Done Math Since The Fifties, Or Changed His Attitude, Either – Hits from the comments: “Steel, heck. That manager has a spine of titanium!”

“Treats” Women Differently – Just because you’re talking about a dog it doesn’t mean it isn’t sexist.

Estimate That He’s Been Waiting Since The Fifties – If I never read or hear the phrase “little lady” again, it’ll be too soon.

Time To Trample His Misogyny – Hits from the comments: “But the guy was right: it’s not fair that the woman who paid to play has to listen to this moron complain for no good reason.”

Made With Barley, Hops, And Gender Stereotypes – “None of our beer is sexist, madam…” is ICONIC.

Misogynixed – Wait, how do you drive? Don’t your boobs get in the way?

Time To Start Stereo-Typing Up Your Resignation – What a weird double-whammy of sexism and racism!

If The Shoe Fits…, Part 8 – Look, just because he’s a man… Oh, sorry. I got distracted by all those shiny rhinestones.

The Architect Of Their Demise – Tell your wife to be careful; if her brain works too hard, her uterus will stop working!

A Snake In Girl’s Clothing – “Namby-pamby, princess pet”? Princess Jasmine had a pet tiger.

Like Comic Book Guy, Except Much Prettier – Certain Not Always Working subjects notwithstanding, why would they hire someone who didn’t know what they were doing?

Danica Says Eat My Dust – Wait. You don’t know how to… wash a dish? WHAT?

You’d Think He Was Allergic To Pink – Hits from the comments: “Oh, don’t you understand, OP? If that one-year-old sees a pink dinosaur on him, he will immediately decide that he likes men and will become a flaming gay.”


We hope you enjoyed this International-Women’s-Day-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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