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20 Stories About Customers Who Watch Way Too Much TV

| Right | January 6, 2023

Dear readers,

TV may be moving towards streaming, but a fundamental problem still remains: some people watch too much of it and believe too much of what they see. Whether it’s assuming what certain sensational news channels say as gospel, thinking that police procedurals are indicative of real life, or believing everything in a commercial, these customers are examples of what happens when binge-watching overtakes critical thinking.

We’ve rounded up twenty stories from the Not Always Right archives (plus a few more recent stories that prove this problem is sadly super relevant) about customers who watch way too much TV. Of course there’s no such thing as reading too much Not Always Right…


Starts As A CSI Episode But Develops Into A Bigger Mystery – We really need to know what happened to that cat.

Big Bother – This is what happens when more people watch Dancing With The Stars than vote.

The Following Stupidity Takes Place In Real Time – Like the character being referenced, this customer needs some sleep!

Hailing Frequencies Open But Nobody’s Home – This customer is never getting into Starfleet Academy.

Close, But No Cinema – People like this are why everything needs a disclaimer.

Butthead, The Incontinence Years – Behold! Memes from the 1990s!

It’s Either Bob Barker Blue Or Drew Carey Blue – It’s Oprah’s book club all over again!

Video Killed The Emergency Radio Broadcast – Priorities, priorities…

Hollywood, M.D. – When the ‘zoom and enhance’ effect could actually cause you physical harm.

You’re Not On Candid Camera – Once an actor, always an actor.

Poppies And Muffins And Flies, Oh My – Wait until they discover Alice In Wonderland!

Bananas About The Boob Tube – This story was from 2009, so just replace TV with WiFi and it should have the same effect.

So Stupid I Almost Painted – Why stop at two? Mix three and paint plaid!

Not Exactly Clever As A Fox – When your channels are not on the same wavelength.

Forensics For Dummies – Yup, it’s another example of all the explaining that CSI has to do for the things it has taught stupid people.

Sadly, We Pelican Believe It – Sadly this kind of stupidity straddles both hemispheres.

The Photons Would Like To Have A Word… – Be prepared to radiate the entire neighborhood with x-rays!

Identity TV Determined – Once an actor, always an actor… or maybe they’re acting about not being an actor?

In That Case, I’d Like To Buy A Vowel – They probably want an oversized check, too.

He’s In For A Banging Good Time – You might think this story is dirty, but it’s actually really clean!


We hope you enjoyed this Watching-Too-Much-TV roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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