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20 Absolute Classic Not Always Right Stories To Celebrate Publishing 100,000 Stories!

| Right | April 14, 2023

Dear readers,

For our celebration of publishing over 100,000 stories, we wanted to bring you a hundred examples of what makes Not Always Right so special to us, and to so many of you. We are honored to be the home of so many of your stories, covering the whole spectrum of human interaction, both good and bad! We wanted to highlight some of those amazing stories that many of you might have missed; great storytelling, not overly resurfaced through our roundups, and not just the well-known classics that got so many of you hooked on to Not Always Right!

That being said, it would be remiss of us to celebrate anything about our stories without revisiting some of the absolute quintessential Not Always Right stories. So to finally wrap up this celebration and add some icing to what has been a bumper day for stories, here are twenty of our classics: some that you’ll likely remember, and some that might surprise you!

Here’s to another 100,000 stories!

Sued To Satisfaction – This should be policy in all retail stores when the customer invokes the “I’m gonna sue you!” clause.

Tricks Of The Trade – Quite possibly the best one-line comeback in NAR history.

Mission: Impossible – Of all the impossible requests that we’ve read about on NAR this is possibly the most impossible…est.

Needs To Press Paws – NAR doesn’t advocate violence… but you be the one to tell her that!

Procrastination Cost You Your Marriage – We recently ran a roundup about stories that got worse the longer you read them. This is the ultimate example of that kind of story, but we wanted to save it for this roundup because… hoo boy… it’s bad!

Hell In A Handbag – Some customers always want to blame others for their bad behavior, even if it’s the devil!

He Fought The Law, And The Law Won – Yet another reason not to invoke anything legal with a retail employee who has just about had enough!

The Dark Chocolate Knight – All we can say is… Gotham is safe.

Nothin’ Like A Good Old Existential Meltdown – This story is funny. We don’t know why it’s funny. You probably won’t either. But a laugh is a laugh!

In Soviet Russia, Accent Speaks You – For those who haven’t met Boris yet… you’re welcome.

The Wisdom To Know The Difference – When you have a customer that just wants to cause pain and misery there’s nothing better than pitting them against an employee who refuses to be unhappy.

The Cake Is A Lie, Part 5 – Grab a slice of cake and settle down for this one. It’s some trash room epicness!

27 Stresses – We need to applaud those parents who are trying not to raise the next generation of Not Always Right antagonists.

DE TING, DE TING!!! – Does this story even need an introduction?

Ain’t No Mountain Wry Enough – You’ll never think of Mountain Dew the same way ever again.

Ignoring The Staff Is Its Own Reward – When displaying absolute candor to a customer is blissfully satisfying.

Catcher In The Sky – But… howwwwww?

This… Is… Spyware! – When it comes to explaining technology to those who aren’t tech-savvy, sometimes it’s best to choose your battles.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Powers – If any of our stories could be turned into a short film, this would be the editors’ pick.

That Is ‘Pretty’ Awesome – Not every NAR reader is here for the feel-good stories, but every NAR reader needs to read this story.


We know some of you will have been expecting some classics that we didn’t cover. With over 100,000 stories now gracing the NAR archives it’s inevitable that some are going to be left out of any classic list, but we’d love to know what you think those stories should have been in the comments!

Thanks for fifteen years and 100,000 stories!

This roundup is part of our celebration of Not Always Right publishing over 100,000 stories! We’re celebrating by bringing you 100 stories from all over Not Always Right!

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