2 Good 2 Be True

, | Right | October 14, 2011

(I am working in the young men’s department of a large department store. My department contains athletic clothing, including swimwear. A customer is looking at a large rack of bathing suits that are on clearance.)

Me: “Hello, how are you, sir?”

Customer: “Fine, thank you. I can’t believe all these bathing suits are so cheap!”

Me: “It’s officially the fall season, so all of our bathing suits are reduced for clearance.”

(The customer mumbles something about $2.00 and hands me the suit he’s holding, which is made by one of the most expensive brands we carry.)

Me: “I’ll be happy to check the price for you.”

(I walk to the register, which is nearby, and check the price. It rings up for $39.00.)

Me: “Sir, this suit is on sale for $39.00.”

Customer: “The price tag says it’s $2.00.”

Me: “It was originally $78.00, but now it’s $39.00.”

(I point to the price tag, which very clearly in large numbers says the original price and the reduced price.)

Customer: “No, it says ‘Now 2.’ Two dollars, see?”

(He points to the tag, which has a very tiny number 2, much smaller than where it says $39.00, under the word “Now”.)

Me: “I see. That just means it’s the second reduction. The price is $39.00.”

Customer: “Well, that’s confusing! You shouldn’t put that it’s $2.00. They all say they’re $2.00. I don’t want to pay more than $2.00!” *leaves in a huff*

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