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(This happened at my home. I kept getting calls asking for a Dr. [Doctor] of the dialysis department of a nearby hospital. A woman called a few times, leaving a message on my mailbox, saying that she’s worried about her husband and why nobody would call her back. So I decided to call her and tell her she’s the wrong number.)
Woman: “[Woman]?”
Me: “Hello, my name is [My Name]. You called me several times and left messages on my mailbox, asking for a Dr. [Doctor] of the dialysis department of [Hospital].”
Woman: “Yes! Oh, thank you for calling me back! I’ve been so worried that I didn’t hear anything from you, and I was never able to reach anyone!”
Me: “Not surprising. You have the wrong number. This is a private number, I am not associated with the hospital.”
Woman: “Oh… but… it says on the flyer right here. They have these flyers they give to patients with contact information.”
Me: “Can you double check please?”
Woman: “Of course… let’s see… is it [My Number]?”
Me: “Well… that’s my number. Maybe there’s a typo on there. I just checked, the number is actually…” (so the number is identical, with an additional 8 at the end, so 12348 instead of 1234.)
Woman: “Wait… oh THERE it is! I did not see the 8, the fold is in the way!”
(Turns out the flyer was folded in such a way that the fold line ran through the 8, obscuring it. Which is the reason why people kept calling me instead of the hospital. The woman thanked me profoundly and I called the hospital about it. They promised me to fold the flyers differently next time. I had two more erranous calls, and none ever since.)