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(I’m using a rather big laptop bag to keep my phone, wallet, 3DS and other stuff when i’m out, i head into a snackbar order a drink and snack and sit down setting my bag next to me on the bench, the kind that stretches along the whole length of the shop)

Middle aged woman: *reaches into my bag and rumages through my games*

Me: “excuse me that’s mine”

Woman: “what! I’m not stealing anything!”

Me: “thats not the issue i dont want you touching my stuff”

At this time the waitress comes to hand me my food and this woman goes off

Woman: “this man accuses me of stealing!”

Waitress: “ma’am he asked you not to touch his bag”

Woman: “i’m not stealing anything how is it his business what i do?”

She tries to go back to going through my bag and the manager calls from behind the counter

Manager: “ma’am stop bothering him or i’ll call the police and ban you from ever coming here again”

She stops while mumbling under her breath, i set my bag on my other side and eat, a few minutes later she leaves and as she goes tries to dash in between tables to grab my bag, but trips and faceplants my table and the the floor, the manager called the police and after a brief discussion with the police where she tried to pass of my bag as hers and me as a thief (she was a bit convincing knowing i had pokémon games in it but didn’t know which apps where on my phone and which pokémon i had caught so she got arrested) after the ordeal the manager offered me a free meal coupon, i stop by there tegulairly now when playing pokémon go