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It was Thanksgiving. THANKSGIVING. A time to be thankful. A time for joy. This lady came in with her daughter and were looking around to figure out some movies to rent. I’m doing some chores because it’s slow and the holidays, and when I look up I see her and her child standing off the side of the counter we don’t use. They were flipping through the movie pamphlet, so I assumed they were still figuring out things to watch. I let them do that for a couple minutes and then I pop up and ask, “Are you all set to check out?” She look at me and in the snottiest voice possible says, “What do you think?” and looked back the movie list. I wasn’t very good with sarcasm at the time, so it took me a moment to register she was being a complete jackwagon to me. I awkwardly stood there for a hot minute, and then went up behind the counter and told her to come over the other side. I had just been home for less than 24 hours with my family, hardly celebrated one of my favorite holidays with them, and then drove back to work to deal with that crap. People disgust me.