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*I hear a phone page to the toys department*
Me: “Hello, how can I help you?”
Female Customer: “Hello is this the toys department?”
*I notice right away that I can barely hear what she is saying. Either her phone is bad or that store phone I was using was bad/close to out of range*
Me: “Yes it is.”
**Long Silent Pause**
Me: “Yes this is the toys department.”
Her: “OK I need *mumbled speech*”
Me: “Sorry, what was it?”
Her: “*Mumbled speech*”
Me: “Ummm okay” *starts walking toward toys.*
Her: “Do you know what that is?”
Me: “No, sorry could you explain it please?”
Her: “*Describes toy she is asking for*”
*I now know what toy she wants*
Me: “Oh OK, well we carry it but we don’t have any in stock.”
Her: “Well, when you will be getting them in?”
Me: “We get one truck a week and I believe next week we’re getting two. So, sometime next week.”
Her: “Next week?”
Me: “Yes, next week.”
*Long Silent Pause*
Her: “When next week?”
Me: “Umm I think Monday and Wednesday.” (Wasn’t 100% sure)
Her: “Well that wasn’t so hard to say was it?” *Hangs up*
The look on my face after she hung up was pure shock. If she was in the store and had been so abruptly rude to me instead of hanging up on me, I don’t know what I would have said.