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(I’m working in a family owned store on the board walk that sells the basics; T-shirts, balls, sunscreen. However, unlike our rivals, we don’t sell anything promoting marijuana. A guy who looks stoned walks up with a T-Shirt that has a picture of a cartoon tree on it.)
Stoned Guy: Is that a pot tree? I want a pot shirt.
Me: Sorry, we don’t sell anything in relation to drugs.
Stoned Guy: Oh. *pulls bong out of backpack* Can you fix this? Some of it fell apart.
(He holds up a part for it I don’t understand since I’ve never seen a bong in real life and don’t associate with drugs.)
Me: We can’t fix, uh, bongs either.
(Im starting to feel uncomfortable around this high guy)
Stoned Guy: Listen man, you either sell me a pot shirt or fix my smoker or I’ll stay here!
Me: Sir, we can NOT do any of those things.
(Abruptly, he starts raising heck.)
Stoned Guy: Aargh! *knocks a rack of sunglasses over* I’ll sue!
(He stumbles away, leaving me shocked, but luckily a cop on a motorcycle catches him and arrests him for, surprise, possession.)