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I work at a popular chicken restaurant. One evening during the dinner rush, I was working at the front registers and a lady came in with her four kids, all under the age of 8 or so.

Me: Hello, welcome to [restaurant]! How may I serve you?

Customer: Do you serve fish?

Me: No, ma’am, we only serve chicken.

Customer: Well, due to a VARIETY of reasons, my children must adhere to a STRICTLY vegetarian diet. They can have fish, but certainly NOT chicken.

Me: I’m sorry ma’am, but we only serve chicken. I can get you a wrap or salad without chicken, or even any of outback sandwiches with no chicken, but that’s about all we have as far as vegetarian options.

Customer: Are you SURE you don’t serve fish?

Me, getting irritated: No, ma’am. We are called [restaurant name, which has a variant of “chicken” in it].

*My manager is at this point trying to conceal her hysterical laughter as half the restaurant looks on in amusement.*

Customer: Fine, I’ll have two salads.