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In retail, you get sick of the “original” jokes such as “It didn’t scan? It must be free!” So, I truly like funny comments and appropriate jokes that are actually original.

A man and his teenage son enter. I watch the dad pick up three 12-packs of a soft drink from a pallet by the door and bring them to my counter. He’s waiting for his son to get a package of Oreos, but the son’s attention was caught by some greeting cards. After getting the boy to keep moving towards the Oreos, the dad says: “Want him? He He will be 18 soon, but you can have him until then.”

I am married but have no kids of my own. My husband and I are pretty busy anyway. “Nah, don’t have time for kids myself.” The boy finally brings a large package of Oreos to the register.

Me: “You know that package will be half-empty by the time you get to the driveway.”
Dad: “No. He’s not getting anywhere near them.”
Me: “Then maybe you should have him carry the soda and you take the cookies.”
Dad: “No way. This–” he indicates the soda “–is more valuable.”
Me: o.O
Dad: (as he carries the soda out the door) “Those will make you fat and ugly. This just makes you ugly!”

I couldn’t help laughing at the strange remark.