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(Please notice that this story does take place in Germany, where we have more of a culture to be nice to staff. In three years of working after school/university, i have only been screamed at three times, including this incident!
At weekends i work at a location of a large gas station chain. In order to discurage robbers we always have very little money in our tills. As soon as we get 200 Euros above the ideal amount, we get a notice that we need to take money to the safe. So, i need to take money from the till, enter the amount i am taking into the computer, go to the safe that is bedind the counter, put in my employee number and then my money, all bills individually, staple the reciepts from the safe and the computer together and put them in my reciept box. This sounds complicated, but only takes me like 20 seconds max, even less if i have a few large bills instead of many small ones. In theory, i can just click away the notice when it pops up, but if i have not finished the procedure 5 minutes after it pops up for the first time, the system sends an notice to the general offices, which can result in my managers bonus getting cut. So our order is: Unless there is a gun pointed at you, as soon as the notice pops up, you take some money to the safe immediately.
It is a slow saturday morning, i am the only person working right now and just as a woman in her late 30s enters the store, the notice pops up.
Me: (While opening the till and taking out three 50s, entering the amount i am withdrawing in the computer) Hello! Please wait for a moment, i will be with you in a second! (I turn around, enter my number and put my first bill in the safe
Woman: (just reached my till 2 seconds ago, starts screeming) HEY! I do not have time to wait for you, i have a child in the car! So get a move on!
(There is no direct translation into english for the rude term she used in the last sentence, this one is tamer, but gets close. I am quite shocked. no one ever complained about this befor, and she just reached my till. But i was taught not to bow down to bullies while working, so i put my last bill in the safe, wait for the reciept and walk back to my till without hurry)
Me: i am sorry, but as soon as there is too much money in the till, the system shuts down completely. It only unfreezes when i have completed the removal process. There is nothing i can do against it
(What makes this more absurd: She paid for her gas with Card, which takes about three times as long as paying Cash. Also, what would she have done had there been one or two costumers ahead of her? She would have had to wait way longer than those 10 seconds i took to finish the process. If your child needs so much attention that it cannot be alone for more than a minute, either leave it at home with someone to watch it or just bring it with you when you come inside to pay!
The best thing: I told what happened to my manager using a messenger app, as i actually lied to the woman. The only reply i recieved were two thumbs up emojis!)