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(I volunteer at the local library to help host a children’s story-hour. One of the librarians is extremely surly, though she typically keeps it down to grumbling and dark looks. I recently had to take a second job as a cashier at our local grocery store, and I found out this lady is a regular there, but she is much freer with her anger, frequently berating cashiers and stockers about things not being the way she wants them to be, especially if items are put out for sale. As a final note, I have shoulder length hair that I typically wear up in a bun while working at the store, but I leave down elsewhere.)

Lady: *slams her groceries down on the belt* You people need to learn how to organize. You have trash all over, and you keep moving the things I want. And the milk I bought last week tasted funny…

Me: *smiling, as I reach up and pull my hair out of its bun, allowing it to fall down around my shoulders* Hello, Ms. [Lady], how are you doing today?

Lady: *silence*

(She stared at me for a minute, before quietly finishing her purchases and leaving. After that, she went out of her way to avoid me, even though she was still rude to several of my co-workers. I was very glad when she retired a few months ago.)

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