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(Note:I am extremely epileptic and have just come out of the bathroom of a movie theater, and two high school girls have just “strobed” me which is just flashing a strobe light in someone’s face and had a seizure,so this is just a REALLY rough account)

Girl #1:Oh my god what do we do?!
Girl #2:Just grab him and don’t let anyone see him!
Employee:Hey what happened to this kid?!
Girl #2:He’s our cousin and he had a seizure so we’re taking him to a hospital.
Employee:I should probably go call an ambulance!
Girl #2:No!Just let us take him to the hospital!
(Note:This is the first time I’ve been out with my dad in months)
Dad:What happened?!
Girl #2:Our cousin had a seizure.
Dad:He’s not your cousin.I have never seen you two in my life,and I know all my nieces.
Girl #2(continues to insist that she’s my cousin)

(Finally the EMT and police,who were called when my dad came over,arrive and I am taken to a hospital and the girls are arrested.And the worst part is I couldn’t see my dad again for another month due to legal reasons