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When I was the receptionist at a large printing firm I got a phone call asking to speak to Mike.

Me: “Which Mike can I connect you to?”

Caller: “I don’t know; I got a message to call Mike at (my company). What’s the problem?”

Me: “Well, sir, we have 17 Mikes. Any idea what department?”

Caller: “Finishing, I think.”

Me: “OK, (looking at the list) That department has five Mikes. You sure you don’t have a last name, or even an initial?”

Caller: “Nope.”

Me: OK, then, how about I take your name and number and give it Finishing. Maybe whoever called you will call you back.”

(Caller gives me the information, which I duly gave to the Finishing lead. I never did find out if he and Mike Whoever connected.)