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(I work as a receptionist and lately we have been getting a lot of calls that should be directed to another number, but the main line is constantly engaged so customers call us instead. I have only been taking these calls for a week and this is my first full day taking calls. From the moment I log on the phone starts to ring off the hook and every single customer has either shouted at me, been rude or threatened to take their own life, sometimes all 3. The previous call nearly had me in tears and I would rather hide under a rock than talk to another customer.
When the phone rings again I answer with the usual spiel followed by advising the customer that I cannot assist them as they are only through to a reception and we do not have access to the programs necessary to help her with her case. The caller is very upset and when she bursts into tears her male friend takes over the call but keeps me on speaker phone as I offer to attempt to transfer them through to the correct department. He agrees but as usual all agents are engaged in other calls and I come back to the customer feeling fearful of the reaction I will get.)

Me: *using my overly cheerful talking to customer voice* Hello sir, thank you for holding! Unfortunately all agents are engaged in other calls at the moment but I would be happy to arrange a call back for your friend.
Customers friend: Okay… So do you need my number then? *customer can be heard sobbing in the back ground*
Me: Yes please, or your friends number… Depending on which is best to reach her on. Can I also take her full name, National Insurance Number, and address?
Customers friend: Um… I guess? *suddenly very insecure*
Me: Great! Then can I have her full name?
Customers friend: Um… [first name]? um…
Me: Okay, and the last name?
Customers friend: Yeah um…
Customer: Oh my god! Give me that! *takes phone back* Yes hi, it’s [full name], my national insurance number is… *the rest is drowned out as the customers friend starts singing loudly and VERY out of tune*
Me: I’m sorry I didn’t quite catch that. Could you please repeat the national insurance number for me?
Caller: Sure it’s *words are again drowned out by the atrocious singing*
Me: I’m terribly sorry I still can’t hear you very well… Would you mind reading it out once more? *starting to feel stressed*
Caller: Okay just wait a second… *shouting at the top of her lungs* SHUT UP YOU TWATT! *the friend is now dead silent. Customer with a suddenly soft voice* So, the number is [number].
Me: *trying not to laugh* Thank you so much, and your address?
Customer: Yeah it’s *friend starts singing even louder, and if possible even worse, making it impossible to hear a single thing*
Me: *very stressed as the call is already longer than the permitted time limit* I’m sorry I can’t hear you again…
Customer: *something that might have been what or supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, I really can’t tell*
Me: Um… Y… *takes a deep breath* You have a very lovely singing voice sir! *dead silence on the other end*
Customers friend: S**t! She heard me!! *panicked voice followed by a long silence* Sorry… *sounding like a 5 year old getting scolded*
Customer: *laughing too much to speak*

(I eventually got all the information I needed and I can honestly say that this call made my day! So no matter how many more rude customers I had I only had to think of that tiny sorry and I couldn’t help but to smile!)