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I work in a call centre for a car insurance broker. Now, a basic part of car insurance is whatever type of car you have, some of the price calculation is based on if the same type of car you have has had many claims/accidents etc. with other owners – if more claims are made against it, the higher the price.
I get a call from someone who has got a new car, and updated his insurance the previous week

Customer: I have been a customer with you for years now, and my bill has almost always been the same. Now it’s gone up by £5 a month and I want to know why
Me: Well I’ll check on that for you now sir, I’ll just check on the history and see if anything has changed for you
Customer: Absolutely nothing’s changed! The price has just suddenly gone up.
*look through his policy; see the price change came from the car change*
Me: Sir, I’m sorry but I’m afraid there isn’t anything I can do for the price, it’s set by the underwriter and the new price is based on the new car; that’s what has changed.
Customer: I know I’ve changed my car, but why has the price gone up?! It’s always been the same but now it’s different!
Me: … It’s a different car with a differnt price set to it. That’s all
Customer: But what has changed to make the price go up? I’ve told you it’s been a similar price for years but now it’s suddenly shot up! Why?
Me: *explain about how the claims on cars work*
Customer: But why would it go up? All I did was change the car! I want the price to be what it originally was!
Me: *explain again*
Me: Sir, I’ve explained exactly why the price has gone up. I’m sorry if you’re unhappy with the price change but it’s just how it’s been calculated. I don’t have the ability to change the price, and even if I did I don’t have a reason to. This is how insurance works. The price has been set and that is simply it. If you have any other queries I can help with those, but if this is only about the price then I simply can’t help you, sir.
Customer: I’ll be going to look around somewhere else next year at renewal then, you’ve lost a customer!
Me: Again, that’s how insurance works, if you don’t like our price next year at renewal too, you have every right to go somewhere else.
Customer: *shocked that “you’ve lost a customer” didn’t work* Well goodbye then! *hangs up*