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(The supermarket I work at three times a week recently celebrated the fortieth anniversary of the family business. Every employee dressed in 1970’s attire for the once-off sales event. The store most certainly experienced the largest turnout due to ridiculously discounted store-wide sales. )

Me: “Hi, how are you?” trying to engage in conversation with the customer.

Customer: *ignores me but proceeds to unload three cauliflowers onto the register*

Me: *scans and bags the items*, “so this comes to $9.00, do you have a [Store] Rewards card with you today?”

Customer *examining the screen*, “I thought the cauliflowers were 50 cents each?”

Me: “Yes they are maam, they are a Rewards Card sale”

Customer: “I don’t have a Rewards Card! These sales should be for everyone!

Me: “I’m sorry Maam, but I can sign you up for a Rewards Card and the amount will immediately discounted. It won’t take long at all. All you have to do write your details in a booklet…”

Customer: “I don’t want a Rewards Card! (little did she know that rewards cards are like an almightly immunity pin in our supermarket)

The customer abandons her cauliflowers and begins to tell the other customers that all sales are rewards only, extremely upset.

Ah, that’s customer service for you.