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I work in a Japanese Hibachi and sushi restaurant as a seating hostess, and part of my job is to take to go orders for people who either call or come in for them. They can choose from a variety of things on our menu, including sushi and what is made on the hibachi grill. Normally, if there is an issue, it is because it either takes too long or if it was made incorrectly, but rarely for anything else. This instance took place late one night about an hour and a half before closing at ten p.m.
A customer walks in and comes to me. He looks very tense and is in his early thirties.
ME: Welcome to *name* how can I help you?
CUSTOMER: I want to place an order to go.
ME: Absolutely, do you know what it is you wanted to order?
CUSTOMER: Do you have poke bowls? I wanted to get a couple of those.
ME: The closest thing we have to that is this bowl where for $14 you can build it up how you like and you can make it like a poke bowl with tuna and seasoning and –
CUSTOMER: *angry* No, that’s not what I want!
ME: *taken aback* Oh, okay, I’m sorry…
CUSTOMER: Don’t apologize to me you did nothing wrong I’m angry with myself!
He grumbles to himself and looks through our menu
CUSTOMER: Okay, I want *he names a bunch of spicy rolls that have spicy tuna, jalapenos, salsa, hot sauce*
*Note he specifically asked for these rolls that clearly display what’s in them both in ingredient and in name, like Spicy Tuna roll*
ME: Absolutely sir.
I put his rolls in our system and send it to the sushi bar
ME: Your total is $35.00
CUSTOMER: *groans loudly to himself* Seriously, that’s so overpriced!
ME: Sorry?
CUSTOMER: Don’t ever apologize for something not your fault! I should have done my research and now I’m mad at myself
ME: That’s okay… you are more than welcome to have a drink at the bar while you wait.
CUSTOMER: I don’t drink! *pause* maybe that’s why I’m so angsty all the time.
He sits quietly until his order is ready, and when I show him the food, he complains even more that he’s paying too much for the price of the food, even though he chose these items himself.
He leaves, and 20 minutes later he calls the restaurant and requests to speak to a manager.
I track him down and explain to him what’s going on.
ME: He came in 20 minutes ago and ordered food to go and he complained to me the whole time about us not having a poke bowl.
MANAGER: But we have that one thing…
ME: Yeah, I told him that but he didn’t want it
My manager gets on the phone and is on the phone with this guy for 10 minutes before he gets off with a weird look on his face.
MANAGER: F**k that guy!
ME: What did he want?
MANAGER: You said he ordered *names spicy rolls* right?
ME: Yeah, why?
MANAGER: He just called to complain it was too spicy, overpriced, and he’s retracting his payment.
He hasn’t come into the restaurant since this happened, and I don’t think he plans on coming back any time soon!