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Every year we have a local, week long event featuring classic cars in our town. One of the most popular events is a sort of parade. Because of where the restaurant sits we’re not just on the parade route, but the parking lot is also completely surrounded by the route. It’s our busiest day of the year, so part of the prep for it is closing down the drive through while the parade is going because there’s no way in our out of the lot.

By this point in the day the parade has ended but because of the sheer volume of people still in the lobby we don’t have anyone to spare to start the drive through back up. So we leave it blocked off and just try to get through the orders. Then I see a mini van drive up to the blockade, the driver get out, stare at the “drive thru closed” signs all over the blockade, then she spent some time just moving the blockade out of her way.

At our location we have the drive thru set up to a speaker so you can hear everything from the kitchen, it also has a “ding” that will go off very loudly until someone answers the drive thru, even the customers can hear it. So several customers ask what the alarm is for the entire time the woman is waiting at the speaker for waiting someone to answer, until she finally gives up and drives up to the window.

Then the woman loudly and angrily knocked on the window until the manager gave in and went to go talk to her. I’m so glad I didn’t have to deal with that! Lady, what did you expect to happen?