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(I’m a waitress at a restaurant and I get a party of three in my section. I go over to take their drink order and one person has left for a minute)
Me: Hi, how’s everyone tonight?
Customer: Good Thanks. I’ll have a 22 oz Bud Light, and she’ll (pointing to the empty seat next to him) will have a Sand In Your Shorts
Me: I’m sorry, she needs to be here to order the drink. I need to make sure she’s old enough
Customer: well she is. She’s a school teacher.
Me: I’m sorry I have to see her or her ID
Customer: But she’s old enough
Me: I have to have her order it
Customer: well she’s old enough. I’m a teacher, she’s a teacher. She’s old enough. Just get the drink started

(Sadly enough this happens at least once a week and this conversation went on for about another two minutes)