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(I was working the drive thru in a chain retail Pharmacy alone. There are two lanes, and I as fairly as possible switch and juggle between the lanes when their are multiple cars. After finishing one car in lane one I juggle back to lane two, who was next, as a woman riding in a taxi comes to lane one.)

Me: *to lady in lane one* Just a second please ma’am. *proceeds to close the window and address lane two*
Woman: Ma’am I’m in a cab!
Me: *holds up one finger to ask for a second as I’m entering lane two’s information*
Woman: *practically wailing* Ma’am I’m in a cab! Ma’am I’m in a CAB! MA’AM I’m in a CAB!
Me: *finishes lane two and reopen the window* How may I help you ma’am?
Woman: You should take care of people in a cab first! *tosses her stuff at me and drives off before I can get any relevant information, such as pick up time, for her prescription.*