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I work at a locally owned fine art store, we sell very expensive paper and we must count the sheets before wrapping it in butcher paper. Usually it isn’t an issue until…
Me: Would you like to wrap these today or bag them?
Older Woman: Wrapped, I have eleven sheets.
*I take the paper from her and begin to count it*
Older Woman: What are you doing?
Me: I have to count it, just a policy for the store.
Older Woman: You think I’m stupid? That I can’t count?
Me: No, the store put the policy in place to prevent theft.
Older Woman: Are you calling me a thief?!
Me: No ma’am.
Older Woman: You know what? I don’t want it! You’re so unbelievably RUDE. I’m never coming back.
Me Thinking Internally: If only.