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(Phone rings)
Me: (general phone greeting)

Customer: hi, I bought a pair of leggings for my daughter a couple of weeks ago and they’re faulty. I’d like a refund.

Me: okay what exactly do you mean by faulty?

Customer: she wore them to gymnastics class and they now have a mark on them that I can’t remove. I paid $30 for these and I expect much better quality from your store

Me:…OK…so the leggings have a stain from wear and you would like a new pair?

Customer: (angrily) yes. This is not good enough. I have 3 children and it’s not easy for me to come back to your store.

Me:….look this doesn’t sound like a faulty item to me but feel free to bring it in and ask the manager.

Customer: well I don’t want to come all the way back if you’re not going to refund it? Will you refund it?

Me: if you brought that into the store today, no, I am not going to refund based on what you’ve told me.

(Customer continues to rant about our poor quality and service and says she will come in when the manager is there. She never called back or visited.)