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(My Mom and I were sitting at the bar in a Chinese Restaurant that we used to be regulars at. Since the other restaurant was closed, we decided to go to this particular restaurant, since we hadn’t been there in awhile. While my Mom and I were looking at the menu for takeout, there was a man at the counter, with the Chinese waitress. I’m not too sure what was first said, but I tried to listen in as best as possible. Basically, he was complaining about how the food was disgusting, and he seemed to be kind of a jerk about it. He also said that the food made him and his wife sick. I couldn’t understand what the Chinese woman was saying, because of her accent, but I saw her pick up the phone. I guess who she was trying to call didn’t answer. The guy was still being a jerk about it. He also said he was going to call the (Chinese Restaurant main office) and the Health Inspector. The whole time, I was whispering to my Mom about what was going on, because I was mostly the one listening. I even said how I was nervous about eating there now! I just wonder what the man and his wife ate to get apparently sick! I was also waiting for him to rage at us and the other customers about how terrible the food was!

Then, when my Mom brought it up later, she questioned, “I don’t know what he expected her to do… I also don’t understand how the food would’ve made them sick, if it was too disgusting-looking to eat.” She then said, “I don’t know if he wanted a free meal, or what?”

I then said, “Well, he said he wasn’t eating there again, because the food was disgusting and made them sick.”

There could be many reasons why the food made the man and his wife sick, but as long as we’ve went to that restaurant, we’ve never had a problem.)