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So I work as an manager for a popular Halloween store and we have a strict return policy that only allows returns on a such date. For instance returns are no longer accepted a week before Halloween. Exchanges are fine just as long as the it’s for the same costume or another costume of equal to greater value.

Tonight my associate approached me asking me to explain to a customer we can not accept her returned item.

Me: Hello.

Customer: ” Hi, I bought this just last night and I didn’t try it on until I got home, and I realized I don’t need it.”

Me: “Well, we stopped accepting returns last Friday I can only offer you an exchange of a different item for the same price or greater.”

Customer: ” Well I don’t need anything else.”

This same conversation continues on for about 15 minutes. The customer constantly tries to stare me down and looks like she’s on verge of wanting to choke me until I submit to her request. She begins to ask why we don’t accept returns and I proceed to inform her on our company’s procedures and policy.

Customer:” You really can’t do anything?”

Me:” I’m sorry, not unless you want to exchange.”

Customer:”But I don’t need anything. That’s fine I’ll just dispute it.”

Me:” You go ahead and do that. Is there anything else can do for you.

Customer hastily replies no and walks away angrily.

Me: “Well have a good night.”

I thought it was an odd threat because I know she won’t get her money back because under credit card company policy and federal law a customer can not plea for a chargeback just because they weren’t satisfied with an item.