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I work at a local grocery store in an upper middle class town, so you see plenty of picky, and straight up strange customers. I ended up lucking out and getting a wierd one. I always like to small talk with customers, and the conversation quickly gets awkward.

Customer: Whats your favorite kind of music?

Me: I always loved rock and roll, maybe because my mom used to be a music manager (She worked at Sony for a while).

Customer: Music Manager huh? *begins scribbling down something on a piece of paper* Is your mom single?

Me: Nope, shes happily married with two kids.

Customer: Well at least let her know that Im interested. *hands me the slip of paper that has his name and number on it*

Me: Umm sure I’ll do that.

Customer: Ask her about what she thinks about Bob Dylan winning a nobel prize. If she thinks that he shouldnt have gotten it, then its clear that we’re meant for each other.

Me: Im not sure what she thinks, I haven’t asked.

Customer: Oh, well have a good day *looks disappointed*

Me: *Throws out the piece of paper he gave me immediately after he left*