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To put myself through university, I worked retail in the biggest mall in the world. It’s a major tourist destination almost 1000 km from the US border. American tourists are common, and some shops do accept US currency, but not all, and no one carries a separate American cash float–if you pay in American currency, you get Canadian change. Most people understand this.
Man: Do you accept American money?
Me: Yes, we do. The exchange rate today is [rate].
The man buys a small item and pays with a large US bill. I give him is change in Canadian money.
Man: I don’t want this.
Me: I’m sorry?
Man: This fake Monopoly money. Give me back real money.
[Note that Canadian bills are not all green; different values are different colours.]
Me: Sir, this is real money. It’s Canadian currency.
Man: Why would I want Canadian money?
Me: You’re in Canada…
Man: Give me real money! American money! You said you accepted it!
Me: We do, but we don’t have an American float. If you pay in US dollars, we exchange it at the current rate and give you your change in Canadian.
Man: That’s stupid!
Me: I’m sorry. I can refund your purchase and give you your original bill back if you want.
Man: I don’! I want my change in REAL money!
Me: I only have Canadian change. It is real money.
Man: This is why you’ll never get a real job! [Grabs his change and his purchase and storms out.]
(Since then, I’ve gone on to get my PhD. I now work in university administration. And anyone who’s ever worked in retail knows that it is an incredibly challenging real job!)