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note that the car wash entrance is blocked from my view

I’ve just finished counting my drawer and I take my first customer

me: hello what can I get for you

customer: I’d like $20 on pump 5 and a car wash

I ring him up and continue to take customers he comes back in and cuts in line and starts yelling

customer: you ***** the car was isn’t even open your useless I want my money back!!

me: I’m very sorry sir I just started my shift and no one let me know it wasn’t working

customer: I don’t give a **** I want my money how ******* stupid can you be!?!?!

me: I’d be happy to give you your money back and you can keep the carwash code for the inconvenience

I start to go through the process of getting his money back

customer: that’s not enough I want my car washed now you little ***** what’s your name I’m ******* reporting you and I’m calling the police

me: sir I’ve been more than nice and apologetic I’m getting your money right now

customer: are you deaf I want my car washed NOW!

he starts coming closed and is trying to get over the counter

me: okay sir I’m going to have to ask you to leave

customer: I’m going to get you fired and put in jail you stupid *****

I pick up the phone to call the police when he sees this he runs to his car and takes off her actually called courprate but everything was record so I didn’t get in trouble